Javelin (Juncus/pelleted)

Latin Name: Juncus pallidus

Item #: P1720B

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Tall. (4 ft/1.2 m) Rugged stately plant with green foliage maintains upright habit until fall when it turns a straw color.  Pelleted seed. Pkt contains 10 pellets.
Tall. (4 ft/1.2 m) Rugged stately plant with green foliage maintains upright habit until fall when it turns a straw color. Spreading 18-20 in/45-50 cm in gardens and landscapes it can grow up to 5 ft/1.5 m tall. Grown in full sun, it is heat and drought tolerant. Can be grown as a pond plant. Pkt contains 10 pellets.

ORNAMENTAL GRASS Juncus inflexus and pallidus

Perennial - hardy to zone 6 29,768 seeds per oz/28 g 36-48 in/90 cm-1.2 m

NOTE: Both Blue Arrows (inflexus) and Javelin (pallidas) belong to the taller Juncus family, which has a more upright habit and green foliage, which turns a straw color in the fall. Both are very heat and drought tolerant and can be grown in gallon containers or used as distinctive tall foliage for ponds. Blue Arrows has darker blue-green foliage and is also used as an alternative to Dracaena spikes. Crop time for both is similar to most ornamental grasses - 5 to 6 weeks from seed.

CULTURE: Both species are supplied in Multi-pellets (2-3 seeds per pellet) for easier germination. Sow March 1-15th in seed flats or 400-288 cell pack trays. Do not cover pellets, which require light to germinate in 6-12 days. Maintain a soil temperature of 64-75°F/18-24°C. Keep soil wet until pellets germinate. Reduce soil moisture slightly after germination to allow roots to penetrate the soil. Reduce soil temperatures for seedlings to 64-70°F/18-21°C after germination to control growth (growth regulators are not necessary). Fertilize lightly @ 100-175 ppm nitrate with low phosphorus as seedlings increase in size (2 weeks after germination). Do not bury seedlings too deep. Do not let seedlings wilt after transplanting into 4-6 in/10-15 cm pots or gallon containers. Do not over-feed or over-water plants.

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