Ideal Cos M.I. (Lettuce/Romaine/Cos/pelleted)

Latin Name: Lactuca sativa

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75 Days



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75 days. Standard long, smooth leaved Romaine. Same silver green color as Parris Island Cos. 
75 days. Standard long, smooth leaved Romaine for the New Jersey/Delmarva growing areas. Same silver green color as Parris Island Cos. Pellets Only.

COS LETTUCE for fresh market and home garden

oz./28 g contains about 20,000 seeds

CULTURE: Cos lettuce is not usually started early in the greenhouse, most growers prefer several outdoor seedings from late Apr. to early July - for a continuous supply throughout the season. Sow seed 1/4 in./6 mm deep @ 2 per in./25 mm; cover with fine soil and firm. Space rows 16 - 18 in./41 - 46 cm apart. Thin seedlings to 8 in./20 cm apart.

BLANCHING: Upright heads can be blanched by tying outer loose leaves 5 in./13 cm from the ground when plants are 6 or 7 in./15 or 18 cm tall. This blanches tender hearts white.

HARVEST heads at ground level, when the heads feel firm.

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