Hamburg Half Long (Parsnip/Rooted Parsley Type)

Latin Name: Petroselinum crispum

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1M = 1,000 Seeds


85 Days



Open Pollinated


85 days. Heavy shoulder, half long, wedge shaped roots resemble Chantenay carrots. Pkt. contains 500 seeds.
85 days. Heavy shoulder, half long, wedge shaped roots resemble Chantenay carrots. A refined "Berliner" type. Preferred North American shape. Roots average 6 in/15 cm - conical shape. Pkt. contains 500 seeds.

PARSLEY for fresh market & home garden

3 lbs./1.4 kg per acre; oz./28 g contains about 15,000 seeds.

CULTURE: Sow seed from May 1st. to July 1st.; every two weeks, for a fresh supply, till the snow flies, Plant seed in rows 15 in./38 cm. apart, 1/4 in./6 mm. deep. Seed should be sown @ 5 seeds per in,./25 mm, as parsley seed takes up to 5 or 6 weeks to sprout. Most growers mix a little radish seed with their parsley seed to prevent the ground from "crusting" and mark the rows for cultivation. Plants should be thinned to 2 - 4 in./8 - 10 cm apart, depending on type. Parsley will succeed in any type of good garden loam that does not dry out too fast or is too alkaline. Parsley needs several light applications of 20 - 20 - 20 throughout the season to keep dark green appearance. Hamburg Rooted Type should be sown on roto-tilled beds and grown like carrots.

HARVEST: Gather the outer leaves, permitting the heart of the plant to produce more leaves. Use leaves in fresh bunches or spread them out to dry. When completely dry, they crumble easily into cans for storage. Rooted Type is dug in November or left till spring, harvest roots like carrots.

NOTE: Seed can be started indoors in peat pot, in April and transplanted outdoors in June. Bring a few plants indoors in the fall for winter use. Plants are biennials and survive the winter for early April use, but go to seed the following summer.

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