Guy Lon (Kailaan)

Latin Name: Brassica oleracea var. alboglabra

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Chinese Kale. Tender stems, leaves and buds are chopped in chunks and mixed with peppers, Bok Choi and Pe Tsai. Sow in Spring or Fall. Pkt contains 100 seeds.
Chinese Kale. Stems, large flat leaves and loose buds, that do not form a head, are chopped in chunks and mixed with peppers, Bok Choi and Pe Tsai. Sow in Spring or Fall. Pkt. contains 100 seeds.

HYBRID CHINESE BROCCOLI - Guy Lon (Brassica Alboglabra)

Approx. 9,000 seeds per oz/28 gr; oz/28 g sows about 200 ft/61 m

Chinese broccoli is a cool season crop and therefore should only be sown in the early spring or fall. Mid summer crops will bolt to seed. Guy Lon is sometimes referred to as chinese kale. This species is quite similar in many ways to rapine or rapone - it has a sturdier, thick green stem, large flat leaves and the large white flowered florets do not form the tight flat heads that we normally associate with broccoli . If you have never grown this vegetable, you will think that it resembles a headless broccoli! However, the unique nutty flavor of the thick juicy stem, will quickly change your mind.

CULTURE: Direct seed outdoors as early as possible Mar. 15th - April 10th for harvesting May 20th - June 15th. Fall crops should be sown about Sept. 1st and harvested by Oct. 31st. This variety does not respond well to transplanting, as it will often bolt to seed. Sow seeds 0.25 in/6 mm deep, at 4-5 seeds per ft/30 cm, cover lightly and firm. Seeds should germinate in about 14 days, keep the seed bed moist. Thin seedlings to 16 in/41 cm apart when the plants are about 6 weeks old. Control cabbage loopers with Sevin XLR and aphids with Malathion. For use of an insecticide treatment contact your local government control agency for advice. This vegetable performs well on fertile, well drained soil with low acidity. Fertilize like cabbage once or twice with 5-20-20 as plants begin to size up.

HARVEST: Cut flower stalks off the stems before the buds open. This is very important and must be done each day. Failure to do this will encourage the plant to bolt to seed and some of the unique flavor will be lost as the plant becomes woody and tough. The removal of the flower heads before they open insures lots of tender new stems which are harvested about twice a week from each plant. Cut the stems into chunks and freeze for later use.

FREEZING: Cut the tender stems and thick juicy leaves into pieces. Blanch for 3 min., cool, drain, pack and fast freeze.

COOKING: Stir-fry stems or leaves in oil or butter, serve with chow mein or egg dishes.


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