Green Banner (Onion/bunching)

Latin Name: Allium cepa

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60 Days



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60 days. Strong dark tops, very nice long white shafts.
60 days. Strong dark tops, very nice long white shafts. Vigorous plant has a strong root system with good tolerance to extreme heat. Tolerant to fusarium basal rot plus an intermediate tolerance to pink root. pvp

SET ONIONS for the production of onion sets

Approx. 40 - 60 lbs./20 - 30 kg per acre; oz/28 g sows 25 ft/7.5 m; pkt. sows 5ft/7.5 m

CULTURE: YELLOW SETS: Use Yellow Ebenezer on muck or sandy soils. Grade harvested sets to 3/4 in 20 mm or smaller, to prevent bolting. Use Stuttgarter on sandy soils only. Yellow sets are used the following Spring for the production of early Aug. harvests of large flat cooking onions. WHITE SETS OR SILVERSKINS: Use White Ebenezer for the production of white sets for storage. White Portugal is slightly earlier but not as hard for long storage - and it is mainly used with Silver Queen for white pickling onions for cocktails etc.

SOWING: Check seed size before sowing - it varies 30% from year to year on the same variety. Sow April 15th. to May 1st. @ about 10 seeds per in/ 25 mm - scattering seeds in a band 2 in/5 cm wide; 1/2 in/13 mm deep, in rows 16 in/40 cm apart. Use Ethion to control onion maggots at planting time.

HARVEST: In late July when bulbs are less than 3/4 in/20 mm diameter, pull bulblets and wind - row two or three rows together. Cure tops, until they dry thoroughly in the sun, for 10 days of dry weather. Remove dried tops at the neck, rub off excess soil and outer, loose skins.

STORAGE: Keep in a dry place, with plenty of ventilation. Maintain winter storage temps. just above freezing and store sets 2 in/5 cm deep in trays, with an air space of at least 1 in/25 mm between the trays. Re-grade, remove sprouts in the spring and transplant early in the spring. White sets are used for green onions, yellow sets mature good cooking onions - early in the summer.

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