Giga White (Alyssum)

Latin Name: Lobularia maritima

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As the name implies Giga White is big. Big flowered and big garden performance.  Pkt. contains 250 seeds.
Newest addition to the Wonderland series. As the name implies Giga White is big. Big flowered and big garden performance. Plants are slightly larger than regular Wonderlands, reaching a height of 6 in/15 cm. Packet contains 250 seeds


Annual (4 in/10 cm) 79,000 seeds per oz/28 gr.

GREENHOUSE: Sow Feb. 1st. to Apr. 1st. for May blooms. To skip transplanting sow as thinly as possible (1 oz/28 g per 60 flats - 12x20 in/31x51 cm @ 1,000 seedlings per flat). Seed should germinate in 5 days @ 60°F/16°C soil temp. Grow seedlings at 50-55°F/10-13°C. Use soil low in pH (especially blue alyssum). Plants are easily stunted by rich soil. Shade blue and pink types with cheesecloth to prevent bleaching.

DIRECT SOWING: Sow outside in late May. Cover 1/8 in/3 mm deep with fine soil, firm well. Thin seedlings in clumps, 6 in/15 cm apart, 3 weeks after transplanting. Blooms 6 weeks from seed.


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