Giant Prague (Celeriac)

Latin Name: Apium graveolens var. rapaceum

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1M = 1,000 Seeds


110 Days



Open Pollinated


110 days. An elite European strain. Generally known as turnip rooted celery. The root or knob is the edible part.  Pkt contains 1,000 seeds. 
110 days. An elite European strain. Generally known as turnip rooted celery. The root or knob is the edible part.  Packet contains 1,000 seeds.  1 oz contains approx. 60,000 seeds.

CELERIAC for processing or fresh market

Approx. 15,000 plants per acre; 50,000 seeds per oz./28 g

GREENHOUSE: In short season areas, sow seed indoors like celery about Mar. 1st. at 6 seeds per in./25 mm; 1/16 in./2 mm deep, cover with fine soil and firm, keep moist. Seeds germinate in 10 - 21 days at alternating soil temps. of 65 - 75°F/l 8 - 24°C. Do not allow soil to dry out - or it will delay germination. After seedlings appear, grow at 61?F/l 8?C. Do not allow temp. to drop to 55°F/13°C or lower - it may cause "seeders". Transplant into 2 1/4 in./6 cm peat pots or flats, about 10 weeks after seeding, when seedlings are about 3 in./8 cm tall.

TRANSPLANT into the field after hardening them slightly by withholding water occasionally - 7 days before setting plants outside. Never lower air temp. below 55°F/13°C. Set plants outside in rows 30 - 36 in./76 - 91 cm. apart. Space plants at least 6 in./l 5 cm. apart. Keep well watered and use a fungicide once a week.

OUTDOOR SEEDING: Most large growers and home gardeners sow the seed outdoors Apr. 15th.- May 1st. at 3 seeds per in./25 mm; 1/16 in./2 mm deep, cover and firm. Sow in rows 6 - 8 in./l 5 - 20 cm apart in a seed bed of fine soil. Use a bit of radish seed to mark the row and prevent crusting. Seed germinates slowly in about 10 - 15 days. Thin seedlings to 6 in./15 cm apart.

HARVEST: Round turnip roots are harvested when they are 2 in./5 cm in diameter. They require no blanching, and have a pleasant nut - like flavor.

STORAGE: Cut the tops off and cover the roots with sand in a cool place at 35 - 40°F./2 - 4°C. Do not store with onions or other pungent vegetables, as roots may absorb foreign flavors.

USE: Serve cubed or boiled in soups or stews. Celeriac can be used in salads, it imparts the combined flavors of parsley and celery.

HOME GARDEN: Sow indoors in 2 1/4 in./6 cm. pots Apr. 1st. Soak seeds in a paper towel at 70°F/21°C for a few days to speed up germination. Plant 2 sprouts per pot. Thin to the strongest seedling about 4 weeks later. Set plants outdoors after day and night air and ground temps. are above 55°F/13°C. Space plants as above.

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