Fuseables® - Utopia (White Bacopa/Blue Bacopa)

Latin Name: Sutera cordata

Item #: P1901A

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Hanging Basket Type


Multi-colors include Blutopia and Snowtopia Bacopa in the same precision multi-pellet. Pkt. contains 10 pellets.
(6 in/ 15 cm) Multi-color pellets grow a combination of Blutopia and Snowtopia Bacopa which germinate and grow together. For partial shade or sunny hanging basket locations. Pelleted Seed. Pkt. contains 10 pellets.

BACOPA Sutera cordata

Annual - 6 in/15 cm height - 18-24 in/45-60 cm spread

Seed size is microscopic so Multi-pellets are used to simplify sowing

Approx 12,675-19,845 multi-pellets per oz/28 g. Bacopa is one of the most popular trailing items for mixed hanging baskets. It is not recommended for landscaping - use for containers only. Plants are heat tolerant and like full sun locations. This is the first Bacopa from seed rather than cuttings! Use 4.5 in/11 cm pots or 10-12 in/25-30 cm hanging baskets for sale.

CULTURE: Crop time 10-12 weeks from seed for mature plants. Blooms appear in 8-10 weeks from seeding. Leave multi-pellets uncovered, exposed to light after sowing and water or mist well for best germination. Seed germinates in about 4-6 days @68-74°F/20-23°C in 288 cell (or larger) plugs. Maintain a 95% relative humidity until cotyledons emerge. Do not let seedlings wilt. Transplant plugs 4 weeks later into 4-41/2 in/10-11 cm pots or baskets. Grow plants cool @ 60°F/15°C days and 55°F/13°C nights. Generally, plant growth regulators are not needed during initial plug production but may be needed later at low foliar rates. Fertilize lightly 1 week after transplanting with a nitrate form fertilizer that has a low phosphorous rating. Maintain a soil or media pH of 5.8-6.2. Plants thrive in a medium damp soil. Again, do not let seedlings or plants wilt as they do not recover well. Keep light levels as high as possible while maintaining appropriate temperatures. Be careful to control whiteflies as plants mature.

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