Frizzle Sizzle Blue (Pansy)

Latin Name: viola x wittrockiana

Item #: 1989A

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Suitable for Containers:


Single fringed flowers in shades of blue, on Chalon type plants.
F1 hybrid. Single fringed flowers in shades of blue, on Chalon type plants averaging 4 in/10cm in height. Large 3 in/7 cm ruffled blooms on well-branched, uniform plants. Excellent for pots or massed beds. Pkt contains 20 seeds.


Hybrid pansies and giant flowered violas grow faster than regular types. For May blooms, sow Jan. 15th. - Feb. 20th. 1 oz/28 g sows 8 (12 x 20 in/31 x 51 cm) flats at 700 seedlings per flat. Pre-cool seed at 35 - 40°F/2 - 4°C for 24 hrs. Cover seed lightly with sand or Jiffy Mix. Cover flat (needs darkness for germination) with paper and plastic. Soil temp. 70 - 75°F/21 - 24°C at seed level (bottom heat). Average germination in soil 60 - 70% in 10 days. Use low acid soil (pH) when transplanting. Grow seedlings at 45 - 50°F/7 - 10°C for better growth. For larger spring blooms, sow by July 5th, keep cool and moist, then transplant Aug. 15th. into raised and fresh soil beds, keep weeded. Cover with straw mulch during winter. Giant hybrid violas are a bit hardier than the pansies.

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