Electric Blue (Penstemon)

Latin Name: Penstemon heterophyllus

Item #: 902A

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(18 in/46 cm) Multiple stems with branched spikes holding intense blue flowers. Pkt. contains 25 seeds
(18 in/46 cm) Dwarf barbatus, hardy perennial, used for borders, rock gardens and cuts. Better colors than Skyline, also more frost and wind tolerant. Blooms the first year. Pkt. contains 25 seeds.

PENSTEMON (Beard Tongue)   

Perennial 16 in/40 cm Approx. 29,000 seeds per oz./28 gr.

CULTURE: Sow indoors March 1st like Snapdragons. Freeze seed for 10 days before sowing. Germinate at 60°'F/16°C for 20 days. Flowers 14 weeks from seed. Plants prefer full sun or light shade. Grows in clumps from fibrous roots. This species is perfect for rock gardens or for planting anywhere good drainage and rich sandy soil is found. Keep faded blooms removed to help encourage continuous flowering. Set plants 12 - 18 in./30 - 45 cm apart. In northern areas protect plants with 4 - 6"/10 - 15 cm mulch or straw.


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