Easy Wave® Great Lakes Mix (Petunia/multiflora/pelleted)

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Mix of Violet, Blue & White colors. Great for baskets, containers and small space gardens.
The EASY WAVE series is earlier to flower under short daylength (12 hours or less), which provides more flowers in the paks during spring sales. Plant habit is a bit more mounded than the Waves - with a mature height of 8 in/20 cm and a spread of 2 1/2 ft/76 cm. Great Lakes Mix contains Violet, Blue & White colors. Pellets only. Packet contains 20 seeds

Petunia- Trailing

Approx. 33, 000 sds. per oz./28 g (pelleted) Annual 6 - 8 "/15 - 20 cm

Crop Time: Eight to twelve weeks for flowering jumbo paks. Ten to 14 weeks for flowering 6" pots. Crop time will vary upon the season and climatic conditions. Avalanche is approximately 7 days later than Multiflora/Grandiflora hybrids.

Culture: Use pure Jiffy Mix in seedling flats rather than soil mixtures for better germination. Fill the flat to within 1/4 in/6 mm from the top and firm, (especially the corners), to prevent erosion when watering. Soak the seed flat thoroughly, before sowing, with lukewarm water (70°F/21°C) and a good fungicide to prevent disease. Mark the rows 2 in./5 cm apart and 1/8 in./3 mm deep, 1/2 in/13 mm wide, with the edge of a label or a marking board. If you are sowing several different colors in the same flat, it might be a good idea to place a piece of cardboard across the flat on both sides of the row that you are sowing to prevent mixtures. Broadcast the seed as thinly as possible in each row. Press the seed firmly into the surface. We do not usually cover with soil. If you are covering the seed, use coarse vermiculite. It retains moisture and allows enough light for proper germination. To conserve moisture, cover seed flats with plastic, glass or paper. For ideal germination media temperature should be 75-78°F/24-25°C. Use bottom heat if possible. Seed will germinate according to color, (pink and white first, red last) in 6 - 10 days. Do not use cold water. It lowers the soil temperature and weakens tender seedlings. Uncover your seed bed at the first signs of germination, to prevent tall, weak seedlings. Grow seedlings at 60-65°F(15-18°C) nights and 70-80°F (24-29) days. Transplant 4 - 5 weeks after seeding, 1-11/2 in./3-4 cm apart and at the same depth as they were when in the seed flat.


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