Delizz® (Strawberry/hybrid)

Latin Name: Fragaria x ananassa

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120 Days



Suitable for Containers:


Hanging Basket Type


120 days. F1 hybrid. Vigorous, compact plant with few runners, produces white flowers and plenty of conical shaped mid-sized wonderfully sweet strawberries all summer long. Pkt. contains 15 seeds.
120 days. F1 hybrid. Vigorous, compact plant with few runners, produces white flowers and plenty of conical  shaped mid-sized wonderfully sweet strawberries all summer long. Easy to grow from seed and great for containers or hanging baskets. AAS Winner. Pkt. contains 15 seeds.

EVERBEARING STRAWBERRY - for mixed containers, fresh market and home gardens

Perennial Approx. 45,000 seeds per oz/28 g. About 2000-3000 seedlings per 1/16 oz/2 g

GREENHOUSE: Both the open pollinated and the new European hybrids have similar crop times of 120 days from seed or about 70-80 days from transplants. The O/P types have a more upright plant whereas the new hybrids have a more vigorous, bushy, faster growing plant which provides a better base branching plant for high density pot production, hanging baskets or containers. The hybrids produce lots of flowers and larger medium sized fruit the first year from seed.

CULTURE: Sow by hand or machine from Nov. 15 - Jan. 31 (like fibrous begonias, pansies or dianthus) about 3-5 months before sale in containers. The hybrids are day neutral, but extra light will speed up crop time on late sowings. Germinate at 68-72°F/20-22°C for 7-10 days. Avoid greenhouse temperatures above 75°F/23°C, which will cause poor germination results. Press seed into a fine soil mixture and cover seed lightly with coarse vermiculite. Cover seedling flat with plastic or glass to conserve moisture. Remove covering as seed germinates. Transplant seedlings 6-8 weeks later at the 3rd true leaf stage. Grow transplants in good light. Seedlings are sensitive to high salts especially during the germination period, so do not over-fertilize. Grow plants cooler at 60-65°F/15.5-18°C (like onions) to encourage huskier, bushier plants. Transplant into mixed gallon containers, hanging baskets or 4 in/20 cm pots 6 weeks after the first transplanting.

HOME GARDENERS may sow later in March (using the same directions as above) for August harvests of berries. Earlier commercial sowings should provide a continuous supply of fresh berries from May until fall. Plants should winter-over in most sub-freezing areas. Fertilize mature plants like most vegetables throughout the summer months.


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