Chioggia Guardsmark (Beet/O/P/novelty)

Latin Name: Beta vulgaris

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60 Days



Open Pollinated


60 days. Interiors have contrasting purple and white zones. Flat globe shape, short green tops.
60 days. Italian heritage novelty. Light red roots, interiors have prominent contrasting purple and white zones. Sweet flavor, flat globe shape. Short green tops. Use for salads. Open pollinated.

BEETS - for canning and fresh market

Sow 6-8 lbs/3-4 kg per acre; 1 oz/28 g per 100 ft/31 m

CULTURE: For a continuous supply of fresh beets, sow every 2 weeks from early April to July 15th. For storage or processing seed 10 weeks before late fall harvest. Seed will not germinate @ less than 40°F/4°C soil temp. Optimum soil temp. is about 50-85°F/10-30°C.

On sandy loam - sow 0.5-0.75 in/13-19 mm deep in rows 12-14 in/31-36 cm apart. Thin plants to about 1 in/25 mm apart when they are 2 in/8 cm high.

On muck or peat soils - sow @ 12 seeds per ft/31 cm. Space rows 12-16 in/31-41 cm apart. For smaller sized canning or pickling beets double the quantity of the seed using a scatter shoe attachment for a wider seeding pattern.

Extra Early Beets - sow Little Egypt or Early Wonder types in the greenhouse Mar. 1st for April 15th. transplanting in the field. Transplant in rows 15 in/38 cm apart, 3 in/8 cm apart in the row. Keep well watered in dry weather. Harvest green top types (for leaves) when 6 in/15 cm tall. Note: heavy rains following hot dry weather, or extended periods of high temperatures will cause white rings and poor color. A boron deficiency causes internal breakdown. Mature topped beets may be stored for 6 months @ 32°F/0°C and 95% relative humidity.


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