Blue Vantage (Cabbage/mid)

Latin Name: Brassica oleracea var. capitata

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76 Days



76 days. Medium frame, blue-green 6.5 in/16 cm round head for fresh market or shipping. Pkt contains approx 100 seeds.
76 days. Mid season hybrid. Medium frame, blue-green 6.5 in/16 cm round head for fresh market or shipping. Heads have good wrappers, average 3-4 lbs/1.8 kg, 14-20 count. Tolerant to Black Rot, Black Speck, Tip Burn, and Yellows. Pkt contains approx 100 seeds.

MIDSEASON & LATE CABBAGE - for market or processing

Direct seed @ 1 lb/454 g per acre; approx. 6,000-8,000 seeds per oz/28 g

GROWER: Sow seed in seed beds, outdoors May 10th to June 5th., transplant 5 or 6 weeks later. Some growers prefer direct seeding (without transplanting). This is usually done 10 to 14 days after you would normally sow for a transplanted crop, Direct seeding eliminates the "transplanting shock" and saves irrigation and transplanting costs.

FERTILIZE sandy soil with 5-20-20 @ 650 lbs/293 kg per acre, worked into the soil before transplanting or seeding. Side dress lightly, with the same when transplanting, or plants from a direct seeding are established - and once or twice again 4 weeks apart, during cultivation.

SEEDING: Sow 0.25-0.5 in/6-13 mm deep @ 3 seeds per in/26 mm: cover with fine soil and firm. Irrigate seed bed for proper germination.

TRANSPLANT June 20th to July 10, in rows 3 ft/91 cm apart, 18-24 in/46-61 cm apart in the rows - preferably on a cool overcast day. Protect bare roots from direct sunlight with damp burlap before transplanting. Use a water soluble starter solution of 20-20-20 to aid transplants. Set transplants firmly into the soil, so that the crown of the plant is not covered with soil, or slightly deeper than they were in the seed bed. Control cabbage loopers etc., with spray program starting no later than July 15th., with weekly applications until a week before harvest. Root Maggots are usually a problem with earlier crops, not midseason plantings. Cabbage splitting at harvest is caused by heavy rain after prolonged dry spells which encourages sudden new growth.

CULTIVATION: Deep cultivation will cause root injury and growth check. Cultivate as shallow as possible.

DIRECT SOWING: Sow outdoors May 15th to June 5th. @ 3 to 4 seeds per in/26 mm; 0.25-0.5 in/6-13 mm deep, cover and firm. Transplant in rows 3 ft/91 cm apart, space plants 18-24 in/46-61 cm apart June 20th - July 10th.


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