Blue Hawaii 5.0 (Ageratum/pellets)

Latin Name: Ageratum houstonianum

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Suitable for Containers:


Dwarf, 6 in/15 cm plants. Improved sky blue version of the original. 
Sow approx. 1/256 oz/0.11 g for 800 seedlings. Allow 10-12 weeks from seeding/ sale in paks and 12-14 weeks for 2 1/4 inches/6 cm pots. Spray with Malathion for red spider.


Annual (8-12 in/20-31 cm) 210,000 seeds per oz/28 gr

GREENHOUSE: Sow Feb to April, soil temp. of 80°F/ 27°C for 7 days. Seed must have light for proper germination, so do not cover the seed. Press the seed firmly into seed bed to prevent washing it out when watering. Always use 70°F/21°C temp. water, so that soil temp. is not lowered. 1/8 oz./ 4 gr. sows eight (20x12 in/51x31 cm) flats @ 900-1000 seedlings per flat. Transplant about 4 weeks from seeding, lower growing temperature to 60°F/16°C. Ageratum will freeze easily in cold frames.

HOME GARDEN: Sow outside May 1st in a warm sunny location. Do not cover seeds, keep plants well fertilized.

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