Blue Fescue (Festuca ovina glauca)

Latin Name: Fesnea ovina glauca

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(16 in/41 cm) Needle like, silver blue grass for edging perennial beds in rock gardens or in containers. Pkt contains 200 seeds.

(16 in/41 cm) Needle like, silver blue grass for edging perennial beds in rock gardens or in containers. Its deep root system allows it to be extremely drought tolerant. Trim early spring. Sow in greenhouse Jan 20th. Pkt contains 200 seeds.

ORNAMENTAL GRASS (Festuca ovina glauca)

Perennial - 12 in/30 cm Approx. 42,000 seeds per oz/28 g

Sheeps fescue or Blue fescue is a hardy perennial through zone 4. Plants are bluish green and are usually used in rock gardens or as formal borders in parks. Small blue/green clumps make a good tufted ground cover for quilted formal designs or trimmed borders. Plants prefer full sun for best color but will also thrive in partial shade. Full maturity (for trimming) takes about 8 months from seed.

CULTURE: Seeds are fairly small (approx. 1,500 seeds per gr). Sow seed thinly in rows or cell paks in the greenhouse, press seed into the soil surface and cover lightly. Germinate at 60 - 65°F/16 - 18°C for 7 to 14 days. Grow plants cooler at 53 - 60°F/12 - 16°C. Harden plants by setting them outdoors in early May just before your last spring frost. Transplant plugs of grass 15 x 8 in/38 x 20 cm. You can keep plants trimmed to about 6 in/15 cm or leave them to mature to their full domed shape at 12 in/30 cm. Fertilize just like you would lawn grass fescues to maintain a nice blue green color. Keep well watered during extreme heat in the northeast. Make divisions every 3 years. In the south (below Atlanta) most fescues prefer semi shade and lots of water with sandy soil and good drainage.


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