Stokes Seeds prides itself in the number of vegetable trials it puts out each year. Each variety is “Stokes Tested” in many geographic areas in the Northeast, Midwest, and Canada. These trials allow us to choose the newest and best products for this year’s Stokes Seeds Commercial and Home Garden Growers Guides.

BASIL - Rutgers Obsession DMR: 70-80 days. Dark green 2.5 in/6 cm leaves with authentic flavor and appearance. Rutgers Devotion DMR: 70-80 days. Excellent aromatic sweet Genovese basil with flat to cup-shaped 3 in/7.5 cm leaves. Uniform upright growth.

BEAN - Outlaw: 57 days. Upright bushy plant with concentrated sets of glossy, 5.2 in/13 cm dark green straight pods. 3-4 sieve size. Pharaoh: 59 days. Sybaris type, 5.75 in/15 cm long, with darker green color, mostly 4 sieve size. Upright plant that harvest cleanly and the majority of the pods (approx. 80%) retain their peduncles. High yields. An exclusive to Stokes Seeds.

BEET - Zeppo: 50 days. Fast growing smooth, round fruit with deep red interior color with some expression of white rings and taproot. Fresh market type with long, strong foliage. Very adaptable to many soil and environmental conditions, smooth root.

BROCCOLI - Eastern Crown: 98 days. Compact plant with blue-green domed heads and small bead size. Performs well in long day length moderate heat and is perfect for East Coast growing conditions.

CABBAGE - Acclaim: 75 days. Medium size plant that produces attractive round heads. Excellent heat tolerance and is ideal for fresh market. Roadie: 70-80 days. Quick maturing red cabbage with nice round 3.3-5.5 lb/1.5-2.5 kg heads and good heat tolerance. Maurice: 125-130 days. Nicely savoyed cabbage with finely blistered outer leaves, dark green external color and yellow interior. Tall, upright habit, Round 26-5.5 lb/1.2-2.5 kg compact and dense heads. Frost hardy.

EGGPLANT - Picasso: 65 days. F1 hybrid. High yielding purple-black oval shaped fruit with a firm consistent shape and uniform color. High crown set and longevity in the field in hot conditions. Spineless green calyx.

CORN - Catalyst XR: 66 days. sh2 bicolor. The earliest super sweet corn on the market. Excellent 7.5-8.25 in/19-21 cm ear size with strong tip fill and outstanding sweetness and kernel color. Signature XR: 72 days. sh2 bicolor. 7.5-8.25 in/19-21 cm ear with attractive strong husk cover with excellent holding ability. 16-18 rows of very tender kernels with good sweetness.

MELON - Sugar Rush: 73-75 days. 4-5 lb/1.8-2.25 kg fruit with sweet (15% brix) orange flesh and a productive plant habit. Flavor is similar to that of Sugar Cube.

PEPPER - SVPB8415 (X10R): High quality extra large blocky pepper that matures from green to yellow quickly. Very adaptive to many growing regions. Rey Kawiil: 90 days. F1 hybrid. Bright red pungent traditionally shaped habanero. Vigorous plant produces high yields of this attractive pepper. Fury (X3R): Early maturing Hungarian yellow wax pepper with large attractive fruit, good uniformity and quality. Vigorous plant with a strong canopy and high yield potential Wildcat: F1 hybrid. Early maturing cayenne pepper with large, 55-65 gr fruit. Improved plant with better cover and a high yield potential due to fruit size and set.

TOMATO - STM2255 VF/Aal: 68-73 days. Very versatile and adaptable variety with high yield potential and good vine-ripe flavor. Large to extra-large deep oblate fruit are an attractive scarlet red color. Plants are medium tall with mid cover and benefit from pruning. Grand Marshall: 78 days. Extra-large, firm, deep oblate shaped red fruit are early maturing with good quality. Strong vigorous determinate plant that benefits from low to medium pruning. Myrtle: 80 days. Extra large good quality oblate fruit with a long harvest window. Fast and easy pruning determinate habit.

PUMPKIN - Early Giant: 95 days. Early maturing tall 25-30 lb/11-13.5 kg fruit with an excellent deep orange color. Hermes: 90 days. Highly productive dark orange medium round 10-12 lb/4.5-6 kg pumpkin with strong handle, uniform size and well-defined ribs. Semi-bush, multi-fruited plant. Orangita: 80 days. F1 hybrid. Orange 1-1.5 lb/0.45-0.7 kg ornamental sized fruit with attractive disk shape and deep ribbing. Casperita: 90 days. F1 hybrid. White 1-1.5 lb/0.45-0.7 kg disk-shaped fruit holds bright white after harvest. Great yield potential. Semi-bush. Porcelain Princess: 100 days. F1 hybrid. Stunning 7-10 lb/3-4.5 kg fruit with pink outer shell, bright orange flesh and medium to deep ribbing. Good yielding, trailing vine habit.

SQUASH - Everglade: 43 days. Dark, glossy 6-7 in/16-17 cm fruit with high yield potential. Nice open, upright plant with reduced spines.

WATERMELON - Sirius: 74 days. Globe-shaped 5.5-6.5 lb/2.5-2.95 kg personal sized fruit with medium thick rind. Good plant vigor with maturity approx. 2-3 days earlier than similar varieties.