AGERATUM - Aloha: Early flowering vigorous type with excellent garden performance. Suited for growing in paks or 4 in/10 cm pots, well suited for mass production.

BEGONIA - TopHat: Strong upright branching habit with huge flowers. Finishes one week earlier than other varieties and is the first extra-large type with white flowers. Great performance in both patio containers and landscapes.

CELOSIA - First Flame: Excellent brightly colored summer blooms finish days earlier than other varieties. Uniform branching habit across all colors for fuller looking containers. Ideal as a border plant.

COREOPSIS - Double the Sun: Early, semi-double 2.5 in/6 cm golden yellow flowers. Great controlled habit with strong flowering. Primed seed. Zone 4A-9B

COSMOS - Sonata Purple Shades: Bedding or cut flower type. Wind tolerant bushy plants have many 2.5 in/6 cm single blooms.

DIANTHUS - Corona: Uniform flowering time and habit with extra large blooms. Compact, mounded plant. Excellent cool weather performance makes it a great choice to plant with other cool-season annuals like pansies.

HELIANTHUS - Smiley: Height varies under daylength. Short: 5-8 in/12.5-20 cm Long: 13-16 in/33-40.5 cm. Rich color with broad petals that maintain excellent shape.

LAVENDER - Avignon Early Blue: Tight, well-branched and strong stemmed plants produce deeper blue flowers earlier than other English Lavenders. Grow as an annual in the early cool season.

LINARIA - Fantasista Mix: Extra dwarf plants with an exceptionally compact basal branching habit. Blooms 7-10 days earlier and can withstand frost to -4°C/26°F.

MARIGOLD - Super Hero: Meet the next generation of heroes! Early flowering compact plant habit and the most uniform series in paks and pots. Eight colors with a very good and stable flower pattern.

ORNAMENTAL CORN - Zebra Pink: Green and white striped foliage add drastic color and texture in late season containers or gardens. Foliage changes to a range of purples, red and pinks with cool nights and long days. Each stalk produces many small ears with purple kernels and tassels.

SALVIA - Big Blue: Vigorous flowering annual in a beautiful clear blue color. Super easy and super showy for back of border plantings. Performs great in heat, low maintenance with no deadheading required. Pollinator friendly.

SNAPDRAGON - Snaptini: This compact, well-branched and early flowering snap looks stunning in high-density pots. Consistent crop timing across all seasons.

VINCA - Tattoo: Bold, fun and head turning! This vinca's unique petals have an airbrushed look with soft strokes of black. Very floriferous and well-branched plants with an overlapping, fully round form that won't show gaps in hot temperatures. Outstanding color in hot, sunny conditions.

VIOLA - Sorbet XP Pink Wing: Early prolific bloomer with uniform habit that remains compact in a range of weather conditions. Colormax Lemonberry Pie Mix: A giant-flowered viola that is heat tolerant and fills pots easily, even under heat stress where standard violas suffer. It is a superb autumn performer and a great choice to start the season.