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  1. Special Collections

    Special Collections
    Stokes’ Special Collections are the quick and easy way to build beautiful themed gardens! The Folks at Stokes have put together several themed gardens filled with some of our most popular varieties. We have launched a few vegetable garden favorites brought back by popular demand, a couple which will attract garden friendly pollinators and the remaining collections have been revived...
  2. Kids & Gardening

    Kids & Gardening
      Through school and the media, many children, even pre-schoolers, are already aware of nature and the environment. The garden is an excellent place to reinforce what they have heard and learned, and a great place to encourage their creativity and self-discipline. As a child, how many times did you snap the jaws of a snapdragon or look for funny...
  3. Pollinator Friendly Flowers

    Pollinator Friendly Flowers
    Pollinators play a critical role in agriculture and our ecosystems. They transfer pollen between flowers while visiting a plant for food, mates, shelter and nest-building materials, leading to fertilization and successful seed and fruit production for plants. They are responsible for an estimated one out of three bites of food that people eat according to the National Garden Pollinator Network...
  4. Seed Starting Guidelines

    Seed Starting Guidelines
    Introduction Seeds are easy to start indoors. Many vegetable, herb and flower varieties have unique requirements so the key to success is to do a little research on your seeds before you start. Starting seeds is a very rewarding and economical activity and even trying to germinate some of the more challenging seeds can be done if you read the Stokes...

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