Benary's Pacific Giants King Arthur (Delphinium)

Latin Name: Delphinium elatum

Item #: 1740G

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(5 ft/153 cm) Good for cutting, grow in partial shade or full sun. Pkt. contains 25 seeds.
(5 ft/153 cm) Plants with rich royal violet flower spikes with white bee, bloom the first year from a December greenhouse sowing. Good for cutting, grow in partial shade or full sun. Pkt. contains 25 seeds.


Perennial  Approx.10,000 - 18,000 seeds per oz/28 g

GREENHOUSE: Sow in Jan. or early Feb. Freeze seed for 24 hrs. just before sowing, to break dormancy. Use Jiffy Mix or fine sand for a growing medium. Germinate in cool soil at 54°F/12°C for 20 days, according to color (best colors are smallest seedlings). High temp. will prevent germ. Grow seedlings cool, at 60°F/16°C days and 50°F/10°C nights.

DIRECT SOWING: Sow outside in late August in cool soil. Freeze seed 24 hours before sowing. Do not pinch, add lime to soil each year.

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