Baby Blue Eyes (Insignis Blue)

Latin Name: Nemophilia insignis (menziesii)

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(4 in/10 cm) An ideal border plant. Produces a cloud of cup shaped flowers, sky blue in color. Pkt. contains 250 seeds.
(4 in/10 cm) An ideal border plant. Sow where it is to bloom May 15th., to produce a cloud of cup shaped flowers, sky blue in color. Season from June till frost. Pkt. contains 250 seeds.

NEMOPHILA (Insignis Blue)

Annual - 3 in/18 cm Approx. 11,000 seeds per oz./28g

GREENHOUSE: Rather hard to transplant, Nemophila should be sown directly into peat pots or paks about Apr. 15th. for late May sales. Plants bloom in June from an indoor sowing. Germinate at 70 °F/21°C. soil temp. Sow 1/4 in/6 mm deep, cover seed lightly with fine soil and scatter seeds thinly in rows for stockier seedlings. Grow at 60°F/16°C. Thin seedlings 1 in/25 mm apart. Transplant without disturbing roots outdoors about June 10th, 8 in/20 cm apart.

DIRECT SOW: Sow outdoors in late April or by May 5th. as above. Thin seedlings 8 in/20 cm apart. Baby Blue Eyes is an excellent rock garden variety as well as an attractive cut flower. Nemophila like well drained soil with semi shade and areas with cool 60°F/16°C night temps. Do not overwater.


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