Asti™ White (Osteospermum)

Latin Name: Osteospermum ecklonis

Item #: 1801B

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Suitable for Containers:


White flowers on 17-20 in/43-50 cm plants that spread 17-20 in/43-50 cm.
F1 hybrid – White flowers on 17-20 in/43-50 cm plants that spread 17-20 in/43-50 cm. Plants prefer partial shade, should have some tolerance to heat and cold. Good for containers, combination plantings and blooming potted plant. AlAS Winner.


Hardy Annual 2,500 seeds per oz./28 g

CULTURE: Sow in the greenhouse April 1st for flowers in paks about 80 days later, or Sept. 15th for heavy flowering larger plants about 110 days later. Germinate seed @ 70°F/21°C for 7-10 days. Grow plants @ 65-70°F/18-21°C daytime and 40-50°F/10°C nighttime temps. Use one growth regulator treatment of Cycocel @ 1:400 or 2500 ppm of B-Nine - 50 to 60 days after sowing. Young five inch plants should flower in the paks at cool temps. Approx. 2500 seeds per oz. (90 seeds per gram). Multi-branched 12-18 in/31-46 cm plants maintain their compact, bushy shape without pinching. Plants have long flower cycles during cool weather and continue flowering at night, providing outdoor temps stay below 75°F/24°C Higher day time temps will reduce flowers until cooler weather arrives. Plants like well drained, dry, sandy soil, are drought tolerant and grow better in full sun.

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