Latin Name: Pimpinella anisum

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(1.5 ft/46 cm) 75 days. Annual. Use leaves in salads, seeds in cakes/bread. One of the sweetest smelling herbs. Pkt approx. 200 seeds.
(1.5 ft/46 cm) 75 days. Annual. Use leaves in salads, seeds in cakes/bread. One of the sweetest smelling herbs. 7,000 seeds per oz/28gr. Pkt. contains 200 seeds.

ANISE - a fragrant herb for seasoning

1 oz/28 g contains approx. 7,000 seeds

GREENHOUSE: Never use seed that is more than 2 years old. Anise is rather slow growing and should be started indoors about April 1st. Root systems are very tender which makes Anise very difficult to transplant. Sow seed 0.5 in/6 mm deep in peat pots at 6 seeds per pot, cover seed lightly and firm. Germinate at 65°F/18°C day and 45°F/7°C night temps. for about 2 weeks. Thin to 1 or 2 seedlings per pot. Grow at 55°F/13°C to prevent soft spindly growth. Transplant pot and all 8 in/20 cm apart in warm, well drained sandy soil that is moderately rich about June 1st.

DIRECT SEEDING: Sow seed in late April or early May as above, at 4 seeds per in/25 mm. Thin seedlings to 8 in/20 cm apart by pinching off excess sprouts at ground level. Weed frequently. Mature plants are annuals, 1.5 ft/46 cm tall.

HARVEST: Use the leaves fresh in salads. Seeds are popular ingredients used in bread, apple sauce, tea, sachet, perfume, cough medicine, licorice candy and the base for many liqueurs.

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