Anethoides (Ursinia)

Latin Name: U. anethoides

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(16 in/40 cm) Bright orange native of South Africa, similar to Gazania. Pkt contains 100 seeds.
(16 in/40 cm) Bright orange native of South Africa similar to Gazania, flowers close at night or on cloudy days. Thrives in hot, poor soil. Pkt contains 100 seeds.

URSINIA (Anethoides)

Annual (12 in/31 cm) Approx. 15,000 seeds per oz/28g

GREENHOUSE: Plants are a pretty combination of richly scented, feathery foliage and vivid orange daisy flowers with a dark purple center ring. Plants are excellent in rock gardens, dwarf borders and make excellent long lasting cut flowers. Many florists use ursinia as a winter flowering house plant. It requires at least 12 hours of daylight, as a pot plant. Plants bloom so profusely that the foliage and wiry stems are sometimes totally hidden. Sow seed indoors Apr. 1st. directly into 2.25 in/6 cm peat pots @ 5 seeds per pot (evenly spaced); 1/8-1/4 in/3-6 mm deep and cover seeds with fine soil. Germinate @ 70°F/21°C soil temp. for 12 days. Set plants outdoors June 10th spacing plants 61 in/15 cm apart.

DIRECT SEEDING: Sow seed outdoors as above, May 20th for late July blooms. Flowers close at night and on cloudy days. Choose a warm sunny spot that is well drained and has rather poor soil. Too much fertilizer will limit flower production. Lift plants in Sept. for flowering house plants in 5 in/13 cm pots.


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