Untreated Varieties

Many customers prefer Untreated Seed for their specific needs. Stokes Seeds has a selection of varieties UNTREATED listed below for those needs. For additional varieties that may be available untreated, contact customer service at 1-800-396-9238 or your Stokes Sales Representative.
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  1. Mariana VFFN (Hybrid Paste Tomato/untreated)
    Mariana VFFN (Hybrid Paste Tomato/untreated)

    Starting at CAD $6.15

    Item #: UT332X
  2. English Telegraph (Cucumber/slicing/untreated)
    English Telegraph (Cucumber/slicing/untreated)

    Starting at CAD $5.85

    Item #: UT144A
  3. Seychelles (Pole Bean/untreated)
    Seychelles (Pole Bean/untreated)

    Starting at CAD $3.10

    Item #: UT9C
  4. Autumn Star (Kalettes)
    Autumn Star (Kalettes)

    Starting at CAD $186.66

    Item #: UT168Z
  5. Orange Marmalade (Hybrid Sweet Pepper)
    Orange Marmalade (Hybrid Sweet Pepper)

    Starting at CAD $7.25

    Item #: UT261V
  6. Little Sweetie (Pea/snow pea/untreated)
    Little Sweetie (Pea/snow pea/untreated)

    Starting at CAD $2.30

    Item #: UT231A
  7. Midnight Snack (Hybrid Cherry Tomato/untreated)
    Midnight Snack (Hybrid Cherry Tomato/untreated)

    Starting at CAD $6.45

    Item #: UT330D
  8. Butterbaby (Hybrid Butternut Squash/untreated)
    Butterbaby (Hybrid Butternut Squash/untreated)

    Starting at CAD $4.10

    Item #: UT306Q
  9. Mad Hatter (Hybrid Pepper/Hot/untreated)
    Mad Hatter (Hybrid Pepper/Hot/untreated)

    Starting at CAD $7.25

    Item #: UT261U
  10. Candy Cane (Hybrid Tapered Pepper/Untreated)
    Candy Cane (Hybrid Tapered Pepper/Untreated)

    Starting at CAD $7.25

    Item #: UT261T
  11. Primero Red (Hybrid Hot Pepper/untreated)
    Primero Red (Hybrid Hot Pepper/untreated)

    Starting at CAD $7.25

    Item #: UT263E
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Items 1-12 of 73

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