Summer Showers Mixed (Geranium/ivy)

Latin Name: Pelargonium peltatum

Item #: 948G

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Formula blend of red, pink, lavender, white and wine.
Formula blend of red, pink, lavender, white and wine. True cascading, base branching ivy leaf geraniums from seed. Large open 4 in./10 cm single blooms, dark green, plain leaves. For window boxes and hanging baskets.


Approx. 6,200 seeds per oz/28 g Height: 14 in/36 cm

CULTURE: For may 10th blooms in 4 in/10 cm pots, seed by Dec. 20th. Use sterilized soil or a commercial seedling mix, plus low nutritional fertilizer. Cover seeds with 1/4 in/6 mm of fine soil. Ideal soil temperature of 72 - 76°F/22 - 24°C must be maintained for 4 or 5 days. Use bottom heat if you have it - if you don't, this means that your air temperature will have to be a constant 85°F/29°C to maintain about 75?F/24?C soil temperature. Cover seed flats with plastic after soaking with warm water. The plastic should be removed in 4 or 5 days. On sunny days, remove plastic, or seed will cook!. Lower night air temperature at this point to about 60°F/16°C to keep seedlings nice and short.

TRANSPLANTING should be started as soon as the cotyledons have expanded (about 15 - 17 days after a Dec. 20th sowing. Transplant directly into 4 in/10 cm pots using 1/2 soil and 1/2 seedling mix. Pots would be put on benches or pallets to keep them off the cold ground. Maintain a night air temperature of 72°F/22°C for about 2 weeks to promote rooting. Reduce the temperature gradually over a period of 6 - 8 weeks after potting until a night temperature of 62°F/17°C has been reached. Low temperatures (under 55°F/17°C) will not allow the buds to open. Sunny day temperatures should reach 68 - 72°F/20 - 22°C. Growth retardants should be applied to early sowings when seedlings reach the 4 leaf stage. Apply 2 applications of Cycocel 12 days apart. Maintain air temperatures at 60 - 65°F/16 - 18°C. NOTE: Geranium breeders say that there is recent evidence to prove that excessive soil temperatures of 85°F/29°C or more will prevent germination.

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