Starship™ Blue (Lobelia Pellets)

Latin Name: Lobelia x speciosa

Item #: P1041D

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Suitable for Small Pots


Attracts Butterflies:


(20-24 in/51-61 cm) F1 hybrid. Dark blue flowers with green foliage. Pkt. contains 25 pellets.

(20-24 in/51-61 cm) F1 hybrid. Crop time 21 weeks. Dark blue flowers with green foliage. Stems are wind tolerant in full or partial sun. Use 1 or 2 gallon containers. Attracts hummingbirds and blooms summer, fall. Pkt. contains 25 pellets.


Tall Perennial 30 in/75 cm Approx. 350,000 seeds per oz/28 g

These are tetraploid F1 hybrids that can be treated as annuals, biennials or perennials. In mild climates close to the lakes in the Northeast plants can easily be over-wintered with minimum protection. In harsher climates they must be protected with straw or moved into an unheated greenhouse. Grown as annuals, the plants are single stemmed, as perennials or biennials they will branch from the base of the plant, the second season, and grow 30 in/75 cm high

CUT FLOWER: Stems are strong and provide excellent cutting material for florist arrangements. Blooms or florets are horizontal, like Snaps. Like Snaps or Delphiniums, this species is sensitive to ethylene (which is used by florists to extend the life of cut flowers. For this reason, flower stems ends should be dipped in a solution of silver thiosulfate; and sugar to extend cut flower life, months before spring sales. Harvest when 4 - 6 open blooms appear. The remainder of the buds will unfold right to the last bud on the stem.

BEDDING PLANT: Jan. sowings will flower July - Sept. Over-wintered plants will re-flower in mid June the second season. A great tall novelty for massed beds.

CULTURE: Sow indoors Jan. 15th - Feb. 1st, about 3 months before spring sales. Press seed into the soil, do not cover the seed. Germinate at 64°F/18°C for 14-20 days. Needs light to sprout. Transplant 4-6 weeks later, grow plants coot at 50 - 57°F/10-14°C. Use multi-pots or 4 in/10 cm pots in strips for bedding plants. Plants will withstand light frost if they are gradually hardened to cool outdoor temperatures in early May. Plants are heavy feeders - pH 5.5 - 6.0 and prefer well drained soil with plenty of humus. Transplant outdoors in late April or early May through June 10th.

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