Songbird Mix (Aquilegia)

Latin Name: aquilegia x hybrida

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(12 in/30 cm) Blend of yellow, white, blue and rose/white, blue/white, lavender/white bicolors.

(12-16 in/30-41 cm) Unique, dwarf series available in both single and double flowered mixes. Plants need vernalization (cold subzero exposure during winter months) to flower the second year.

All mixes have unusual upward facing flowers in one of a kind color patterns. Plants are mildew tolerant and daylight neutral after vernalization. Crop time 46 weeks. Sow mid June to late July. Hardy to Zone 3.

AQUILEGIA (Columbine)

Perennial (15-36 in/38-91 cm) 15,500 seeds per oz/28 gr

CULTURE: Some varieties can be encouraged to produce flowers the first summer in northern zone 4 areas with subzero late spring temperatures that simulate short winter vernalization if they are sown Feb. 1st-15th by pre-chilling seed before sowing @ 40°F/4°C for 5-7 days. By transplanting 8-10 week old sturdy transplants into gallon containers - placing the pots outside in early April as northern subzero spring temps subside, it may be possible to speed up summer blooms within the same year, using green June plants for sale. This may not be possible in southern areas that have very mild (above freezing) spring temps. In most areas, traditional cultures are still recommended. Sow pre-chilled seed as above Feb. 1st - March 15th indoors and transplant sturdy green spring plants in 8 in/40 cm pots for June sales. Or sow direct outdoors in rows from May 15th - June 15th for home gardeners, who should transplant very sturdy plants about 60 days later. This will provide very strong plants throughout the fall months that will easily survive subzero zone 3 or 4 winter months and provide lots of flowers the following spring. The Winky varieties are mildew tolerant, will become day length neutral after winter vernalization occurs which could provide a flowering crop time of 46 weeks.

GERMINATION: Use Jiffy Mix or a sandy soil. Pre-chill seed 4 or 5 days (as above) before sowing to speed up germination of summer sowings. Press seed into the soil surface, do not cover - needs light to germinate @ 75°F/24°C day and 60°F/16°C night soil temps for 21 days. Transplant both small and large seedlings for best color mixes. Mature plants prefer partial shade and plenty of moisture. Make divisions in Sept. of the first or second year. Plants should survive 3 or 4 years.


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