Sol™ Gekko Green (Foliage Celosia)

Latin Name: Celosia argentea

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Sun-loving foliage celosia brings colour and texture to containers!
(10-14 in/25-26 cm) A distinct bicolour foliage patterned Coleus in green and burgundy with fantastic foliage. 

Sun-loving foliage celosia brings colour and texture to containers!
With limited options for attractive foliage plants from seed, growers often turn to coleus to add interest and texture to containers.

ekko Green is a fantastic new foliage celosia with relatively fast production time and no downy mildew issues. It holds well at retail and expands the options for consumers looking for sun-loving foliage accent plants for patio planters with a different texture and look, as well as for quick-growing, low, shrub-like plants that look great at the front of the border.


Annual (12-36 in/31-91 cm)

Approx. 28,000 seeds per oz/28 gr

GREENHOUSE: For Mother's Day pots and combinations sow Dec. to Jan. 10th  in a warm, ventilated section. Do not sow before Apr. 1st for bedding plants. Celosia do not like cold greenhouses, it encourages disease Sow as thinly as possible, 1/8 in/3 mm deep in sandy soil or Jiffy Mix. Cover seed lightly. Germinate @ 70-80°F/21-27°C soil temp., use bottom heat for 5 days. Use lukewarm water at all times to maintain soil temp. Seedlings require steady, growth @ 70°F/21°C soil temp. Avoid cold drafts. Transplant at the same depth as original seedlings about 20 days after sowing. Shade tender seedlings for about 5 days from direct sunlight.

HOMEGARDEN: Celosia is much easier to grow, when sown outside in the late Spring. Sow as above, May 15th. for June - July blooms that last till frost. Pick a hot sunny area, as Celosia will not tolerate shade. It's a good cut flower and may be dried for winter bouquets. Thin to 16 in/41 cm apart for tall types, 8 in/20 cm apart for dwarfs. Do not try to transplant.

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