Snowland™ (Chrysanthemum)

Latin Name: Chysanthemem paludosum

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Suitable for Containers:


(10 in/25 cm) Large 1.5 in/36 mm white, single blooms with yellow centers.
(10 in/25 cm) Large 1.5 in/36 mm white, single blooms with yellow centers. Improved White Button.



This type of chrysanthemum is used as ground covers in rock gardens, baskets and for use in gallon containers. They may also be grown in 6 in/13 cm pots for eventual bedding plant use. Foliage is very coarse and may be too rough for smaller pots. Both have 5 cent size, single, daisy shaped, yellow or white blooms.

CULTURE: For bedding plants, sow by Feb.15th for mid May blooms in packs. Allow at least 12 weeks from seed to bloom during normal winter day lengths, longer in extremely short day length areas. Germinate at 60-65°F/16-18°C soil temperature for 14 days. Press seed into the surface and cover lightly with soil. Keep the seed flat in total darkness for about 7-10 days. Transplant seedlings about 20 days after germination. Grow young plants on the cool side. Use large 6 in/15 cm pots, baskets or gallon containers with 1, 2 or 3 plants per container. Germination averages between 75-80%. Transplant outdoors after June 10th when the ground warms up, 10 in/25 cm apart. Use plants in borders or mass planting in rock gardens as a ground cover. Can be used as a short stem cut flower. Blooms last for several days.


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