Simply Herbs™ Curled Parsley (Parsley/curled leaf)

Latin Name: Petroselinum crispum

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(15 in/38 cm) One pellet contains several seeds and should fill a 4 in/10 cm pot quickly. Pkt. contains 25 pellets.
(15 in/38 cm) The easy and economical way to grow the most popular herbs. One pellet contains several seeds and should fill a 4 in/10 cm pot quickly for trouble free sales. Pkt. contains 25 pellets.
SIMPLY HERBS - CURLED PARSLEYAn easy way to grow Home Garden parsley.CULTURE: One pellet contains 7-9 seeds and should fill a 4 in/10 cmpot in 4-5 weeks. Sow one pellet per pot. Use Jiffy Mix or a good loosepotting soil - from late April to July 1st every two weeks for a freshsupply until the snow flies. Press each pellet into (the moist soil)surface about 1/4 in/6 cm deep and cover lightly.Transplant maturepotted seedlings 5 weeks after sowing into garden loam, outdoors 4 in/10cm apart. Commercial Growers should be able to offer plenty of 4 in/10cm pots for sale, during late May through early July along with variouspopular herb varieties. Advise customers that they should be able toharvest their parsley in about 28 days after transplanting the pots intotheir garden. Plants will spread 12-18 in/38-45 cm. Parsley is a tenderbiennial in areas below zone 5 and can survive the winter in thoseareas for early April harvests - but quickly bolt to seed during thelate spring and following summer. Parsley pellets can also be sowndirectly into outdoor garden soil from May 1st to July 1st. Use aboveculture - mark rows with radish seed so you can cultivate marked rows,until plants germinate 5 weeks after sowing.
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