Serena White (Angelonia)

Latin Name: A. augustifolia

Item #: P623D

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(16-20 in/41-51 cm) Compact care-free plants with white colored blooms. Pelleted seed. Pkt. contains 10 seeds.

(16-20 in/41-51 cm) Compact care-free plants with white colored blooms branch exceptionally well without pinching, spreading 12-14 in/30-35 cm. Pelleted seed. Pkt. contains 10 seeds.

ANGELONIA (Annual)    10-12 in/25-30 cm

Seed is supplied pelleted for easier automated sowing. First Angelonia available from seed! Mid height plants are shorter than vegetative varieties - and can be used like salvia in flower beds and mixed containers. Plants branch freely without pinching. A carefree continuous bloomer - no deadheading needed. An excellent selection for garden borders and landscapes in moderate to hot climates with a range from low to high humidity. Plants thrive in full sun, hot/humid and hot/dry areas and will grow 50% taller and spread twice as much in short day Florida locations. CULTURE: Crop time to flower is 13 - 14 weeks from seeding. Sow pelleted seed Feb. 15 - March 10th on the soil surface - do not cover. As pellet disintegrates, seed needs light to germinate at 74°F/23°C for 4-5 days. Grow with impatiens. Use a 288 cell pak for seedlings. Grow at 68-80°F/20-26°C days and 64-66°F/18-19°C nights. Transplant into 306 premium paks (or 4-4.5 in/10-11 cm pots).

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