Satin Mix (Godetia)

Latin Name: G. grandiflora

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Suitable for Small Pots


(10-12 in/25-30 cm) Best extra dwarf F1 hybrid. A very uniform blend of 8 colors and bicolors. Pkt contains 25 seeds.

(10-12 in/25-31 cm) Best extra dwarf F1 hybrid for 4 in/10 cm pots. Plant habit is base branching and overall habit and flowering time between 8 different colors is VERY uniform. Flowers heavily without pinching or use of growth regulators. Pkt contains 25 seeds.

GODETIA (Annual 12 - 24 in./31 - 61 cm) Approx. 42,000 seeds per oz./28 g.

GREENHOUSE: Godetia is hard to transplant, so exit care must be given to avoid any root damage when transplanting or over crowding seedlings which can cause spindly weak transplants with poor root systems. If possible, sow direct in plug trays or 4 in./10cm pots at 6 seeds per pot, thin seedlings to 3 or 4 per pot, about 1in./2 1/2 cm apart. Make sure you leave small and large seedlings (each color grows at a different speed) Small seedlings are usually bicolors and the large ones are often solid primary colors. If you choose to sow seed in seed flats sow in rows as thinly as possible Apr. 1st - 15th. Press seed into the surface and cover lightly with fine soil. Germinate at 60-70°F/16-20°C for 10 days, with out light, (in the dark). Be careful not to leave seedlings too long in plug trays or in the flats before transplanting. Transplant 4 week old seedlings, if possible. Use well drained sandy soil for your 3-4 in./8-10 cm pots and avoid rich humus or fertilizer of any kind. Do not crowd transplants in pots, or shade them by mistake. Keep plants spaced and in full sunlight to promote base branching and early flowering.

DIRECT SOWING: Sow outdoors where they are to bloom, April 15th - May 1st. Space seeds 2 in./5 cm apart in groups of 24 seeds per group. Press seeds into the soil, cover lightly. Dwarf types may also be used as a rock garden subject or as a border. Choose a shady, cool location with rather poor soil. Use taller double types as a cut flower. Give it some support when about half grown. Rich soil causes vegetative growth with few flowers. Cut flowers are long lasting. Plants bloom from early spring till mid summer. Space plants 6 to 12 in./15 - 31 cm apart depending on height. A fall sowing flowers in early May. Godetia is also known as "farewell-to-spring".

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