Ruby Queen (Beet/O/P/untreated)


Latin Name: Beta vulgaris cicla

Item #: UT38

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1M = 1,000 Seeds


60 Days



Open Pollinated


Suitable for Canning:


60 days. O/P. The leading canning variety in the north-east. An attractive, smooth, uniform beet.  Pkt contain 150 seeds.
60 days.  O/P. The leading canning variety in the north-east. An attractive, smooth, uniform beet. Early, round roots with small crowns and fine tap roots. Interiors are deep red and free from zoning under normal conditions.
Pkt sows approximately 15 - 25 ft/7 m. Pkt. contains 150 seeds.

BEETS - for canning and fresh market

Sow 6-8 lbs/3-4 kg per acre; 1 oz/28 g per 100 ft/31 m

CULTURE: For a continuous supply of fresh beets, sow every 2 weeks from early April to July 15th. For storage or processing seed 10 weeks before late fall harvest. Seed will not germinate @ less than 40°F/4°C soil temp. Optimum soil temp. is about 50-85°F/10-30°C.

On sandy loam - sow 0.5-0.75 in/13-19 mm deep in rows 12-14 in/31-36 cm apart. Thin plants to about 1 in/25 mm apart when they are 2 in/8 cm high.

On muck or peat soils - sow @ 12 seeds per ft/31 cm. Space rows 12-16 in/31-41 cm apart. For smaller sized canning or pickling beets double the quantity of the seed using a scatter shoe attachment for a wider seeding pattern.

Extra Early Beets - sow Little Egypt or Early Wonder types in the greenhouse Mar. 1st for April 15th. transplanting in the field. Transplant in rows 15 in/38 cm apart, 3 in/8 cm apart in the row. Keep well watered in dry weather. Harvest green top types (for leaves) when 6 in/15 cm tall. Note: heavy rains following hot dry weather, or extended periods of high temperatures will cause white rings and poor color. A boron deficiency causes internal breakdown. Mature topped beets may be stored for 6 months @ 32°F/0°C and 95% relative humidity.


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