Mini Love (Watermelon/diploid)

Latin Name: Citrullus Ianatus

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70 days. Compact plant, round to oval 7-9 lb/3-4 kg fruit are light green with dark stripes, very sweet with few seeds. Tolerant to ANTH. Pkt. contains 10 seeds. Orders of 1,000 seeds and over sold with signed waivers.

70 days. Compact plant, round to oval 7-9 lb/3-4 kg fruit are light green with dark stripes, very sweet with few seeds. Tolerant to ANTH. Pkt. contains 10 seeds.

Orders of 1,000 seeds or more, are only sold with signed waivers. Waiver forms can be found below.

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2-3 lbs/1-1.4 kg per acre; an oz/28 g sows 25-40 hills

GREENHOUSE: Watermelons are a fairly reasonable crop in the Northern U.S.A. and Southern Canada, provided early varieties are selected. Start seed indoors from Apr. 15th - May 1st (no later) in 3 in/7.5 cm peat pot strips; 0.5 in/13 mm deep - 2 or 3 seeds per pot. Soil temperature is critical, seed requires 75-80°F/24-26°C soil temp. for 5-10 days for maximum germination. Use lukewarm water to prevent the lowering of soil temps. Seeds will not sprout properly, in 60°F/16°C soil. Grow plants @ 70°F/21°C air temp. (minimum). Reduce air temp. to 60°F/16°C 7 days before setting plants into the field. Wait till the ground warms up, before transplanting at least 15 days after your last spring frost. We plant ours about June 15th. Plants will grow more rapidly, while protected, in the greenhouse from those cold June nights - than they will outside in the cold soil. Don't rush it! For extra early crops some growers use black plastic over each row, with the edges covered. Plants are transplanted through holes. Space plants in rows 8 ft/2.4 m apart and 2 ft/61 cm apart in the rows. Midget types @ 1 ft/31 cm apart in rows 6 ft/1.8 m apart. Soak transplants and peat pots with good starter solution of 10-52-17 (@ 4 lbs/2 kg per 50 gal/228 litres of water) before transplanting. Never move the vines when cultivating, shallow root systems follow the vine growth. Fertilize at least twice, 10 days after transplanting, with 20-20-20, keeping at least 4 in/10 cm away from the center of the row. All vine crops depend on insects to transfer pollen from male to female blooms. Protect plants from cucumber beetles etc. before blooms appear, with Sevin XLR. Do not spray as blossoms appear or you will discourage the bees.

HARVEST in August when the rind underneath the melon turns from white to pale yellow.


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