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Kirigami (Ornamental Oregano)

Latin Name: Origanum x hybrida

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8-10 in/20-25 cm. This eye-catching, non-edible oregano with large purple-green bracts, rose flowers and light green foliage has a pleasant fragrance and attracts pollinators. Pkt contains 10 seeds.

8-10 in/20-25 cm. The perfect patio plant! Eye-catching, non-edible oregano with large purple-green bracts, rose flowers and light green foliage. Its pleasant fragrance is attractive to pollinators. Heat and drought tolerant. Perfect for hanging baskets, boarders and rock gardens. Pkt contains 10 seeds.

OREGANO – Ornamental (non-culinary)

Tender Perennial Zones 5b - 8b
Approx. 39,690 to 53,865 seeds per oz./28 gr. 

Spacing: 14 – 18 in/36 – 46 cm
Height: 8 – 10 in/20 – 25 cm
Width: 12 – 14 in/30 – 36 cm

Origanum x hybrid. Non edible oregano. Trailing plant has a tighter and fuller habit than standard vegetative varieties, so it holds better in shipping and on the retail bench. Heat and drought tolerant, with an eye-catching display of texture from Spring until Autumn. Also perfect for hanging baskets, or in borders and rock gardens; can also be dried for use in dried flower arrangements. Higher light and cooler night temperatures accent the purple bract colour. Crop time 10 – 12 weeks.

Ornamental oregano care is similar to care for any Mediterranean herb.

CULTURE: Press seed into the soil surface, do not cover and keep moist until seeds germinate about 3 weeks later. Wait until danger of last spring frost is over before you transplant young plants outdoors.

DIRECT SEED: Sow seed after dandelions bloom (about May 1st in northern areas). Choose a medium rich soil with good drainage and normal moisture in a sunny location.

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