King Size Mixed (Larkspur)

Latin Name: Consolida Ambigua

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Suitable for Drying:


(20 in/51 cm) Large double Tetraploid in vivid colors. Packet contains 100 seeds.
(20 in/51 cm) Large double tetraploid 1.5 in/4 cm shatter tolerant florets. Packet contains 100 seeds.

LARKSPUR (Annual delphinium)

Annual 20 in/51 cm Approx. 8,000 seeds per oz/28 g

CULTURE: Sow in the early Spring Apr. 1st. - 15th., no later! Plant seed 1/8 in/3 mm deep, press in and cover lightly. Thin or transplant seedlings when very small to 10 in/25 cm apart. Seed may also be sown in Aug. or Oct. for Spring blooms.

GREENHOUSE: Limited use as a cut flower crop to follow late Mums. Sow Jan. 1st, transplant seedlings into Jiffies, then space 10 x 10 in/25 x 25 cm on raised beds or benches - grow @ 45 - 50°F/7 - 10°C. For florist cut flowers, sow directly into the field during Oct. for Spring blooms, or from Aug. 15th - Sept. 15th, to winter over seedlings in cold frames. Pre - chill seeds @ 40 - 50°F/4 - 10°C before sowing! Germinate seed 1/8 in/3 mm deep, cover lightly. Maintain 50 - 54°F/10 - 12°C soil temp. for 21 days in total darkness. Cover seed flat with black plastic. If you are field sowing wait till mid August, as seed will just not germinate at soil temp. of 80°F/27°C. A valuable cut flower - blooms last 4 days, can be dried and retain their color amazingly.


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