King Of The Garden (Pole Lima Bean/untreated)


Latin Name: Phaseolus lunatus

Item #: UT29

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85 Days



85 days. A vigorous climber on fences or a trellis.
85 days. A vigorous climber on fences or a trellis. 8-10 ft/2-3 m tall at maturity. Pods are broad, 4-6 in/10-15 cm long smooth and flat. White seed. Untreated seed.


2 oz/57 g sows 25 hills at 5-6 beans per hill; 1/2 lb/227 g will plant 100 hills.

CULTURE: Delay planting until mid June in northern areas. Seed requires a minimum of 65°F/18°C soil temp. for 5 days for proper germination. Sow Pole Limas a few days ahead of Bush Limas. Use rough poles about 8-10 ft/2.5-3 m long. Drive them into the ground 2-3 ft/61-91 cm apart and 20 in/51 cm of the pole remains above the surface. Space poles in rows 24 in/61 cm apart and 20 in/51 cm apart in the rows. After poles are in position, sow 5-6 beans, 1 in/25 mm deep around each pole. Thin to 3 strongest vines 6-8 in/13-15 cm apart in the circle. Pole Limas should be planted at the north end of the garden so that the long shadows that they cast will not shade neighboring dwarf plants. Choose a nice sunny spot (shade slows growth) in any type of soil. This species is excellent for covering a trellis. If you are using a fence for support, space seeds in a row 1 ft/31 cm from the fence, space beans 5 in/13 cm apart. Thin to 6-8 in/13-15 cm apart.

FERTILIZATION: Keep well fertilized, but never let the fertilizer tough the seeds as it will burn them.

CULTIVATION: Avoid cultivation when plants are wet, it spreads disease.

HARVEST: Lima's must be harvested as soon as they mature.

FREEZING: Shell pods and wash. Blanch for 3 min., cool, drain, pack and quick freeze.


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