Gypsy Pink (Gypsophila Pellets)

Latin Name: G. muralis

Item #: P959A

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Suitable for Drying:


(20 in/51 cm) Double, light pink colored blooms.
(20 in/51 cm) Double, light pink colored blooms. AAS Winner. Multi Pellets only.


GYPSOPHILA   (Baby's Breath)   

Annual 2 ft/61 cm Approx. 25,000 seeds per oz./28 gr.

GREENHOUSE: Sow indoors any time from Dec. to April for greenhouse cut - flowers. Plants flower about 3 months from seeding. Germinate @ 70 degrees F./21 degrees C. soil temp. for 10 days. To control the vigorous plant growth, in the greenhouse. Sow in shallow 4 in./10 cm. flats, using about 3 in./7.6 cm. of soil, spacing plants 3 or 4 in./8 or 10 cm. apart. Shallow root culture maintains moisture, and keeps plants from developing their usual "jungle - like" foliage vigour - plants remain just the right size for cutting. Use a rather sandy, neutral soil - too much fertilizer causes wild growth!

HOME GARDEN: Germinates quickly and easily from seed, producing excellent cut - flowers in a few weeks. Maintain a succession of cutting material throughout the summer, by sowing every 2 weeks from early Spring till July 15th . Scatter seed thinly or sow in rows 18 in./46cm. apart. Rake them lightly into the soil surface. Use Baby's Breath as a "filler" for old bulb gardens or unused corners in your vegetable garden


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