Glitz White (Euphorbia)

Latin Name: Euphorbia marginata

Item #: 909C

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(10-14 in/25-36 cm) Euphorbia graminea. Mounded plant habit spreads 18 in/46 cm. Likes full sun. Pkt contains 10 seeds.

(10-14 in/25-36 cm) Euphorbia graminea. from seed provides ease of seed without the vegetative demands. Perfect "no pinch" habit for premium containers. Mounded plant habit spreads 18 in/46 cm. Likes full sun. Approx. 6 days to germinate @ 65-72°F/18-22°C in moist soil, do not allow seedlings to wilt. Crop time 10-13 weeks from seed. Pkt contains 10 seeds.


Annual Foliage

CULTURE: There are two forms of Euphorbia:

(a) Glitz (grominea) - a dwarf silvery mounded 10 in/25 cm plant, which spreads 18 in/46 cm in the garden as a silver foliage accent pot or garden plant.

(b) Snow on the Mountain (variegata marginata) a 24 in/60 cm bicolor leaf-green center with a white picotee edge which shows in late August during shorter days and cooler nights. Both are garden accent plants, with no flowers and uniquely colored foliage that likes full sun.

Glitz is produced from seed without vegetative demands. Perfect “no pinch” habit for premium 8 in/15 cm pots or 10 in/25 cm baskets. Crop time from seeding to mature foliage 10-13 weeks. Sow late Feb. or early March. For 5 in/13 cm pots use one plug; 8 in/15 cm two plugs per pot; 10 in/25 cm three plugs per pot. Use a well-drained sandy soil (disease free) with a pH of about 6 and 288 cell tray. Germinate plugs or seed @ 68°F/20°C for 6 days. Grow plug seedlings @ 65-72°F/18-22°C or slightly warmer for faster germs in moist soil. Maintain 95% relative humidity until the cell plugs or seed germinates and maintain that soil temp. and slightly reduced moisture until transplanting 4-5 weeks later. B-Nine/Alar is effective at this stage to control seedling height - start control at true leaf stage and a second application 7 days later. Do not allow seedlings or transplants to wilt. Avoid low 62°F/16°C temps to prevent leaf drop. Sell plants 5-8 weeks after transplanting.

Snow on the Mountain. Sow indoors Apr. 15th @ 65-75°F/18-24°C - about 1/4 in/6 mm deep for 20 days. Transplant outdoors June 5th or sow directly outdoors May 10th for July/Aug. foliage. Cut foliage to highlight cut flower arrangements. Sear stems with boiling water to crystalize hollow stems which makes water available to upper leaves - which last longer. NOTE: Stem sap is poisonous and should be kept away from mouth, eyes and skin. Use gloves when cutting or handling foliage.

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