Floating Vegetable Row Cover 64 in x 250 ft

Item #: A0251

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CAD $70.99

Elevated day time temperatures underneath accelerate plant growth and development.

Made of white, UV stable, spunbonded polypropylene, the covers are porous to water, self ventilating, and allow greater than 80% light transmission. Their light weight of only .6 oz/sq. yd (17g/1 sq.m) permits them to "float" gently on top of crops as they grow, without the need for hoops or supports. 5.25 ft/1.6 m (W)

Floating Vegetable Row Covers increase temperatures and provide frost protection resulting in higher, earlier yields. They also extend harvesting in the fall. The unique nonwoven fabric insulates by trapping air in the spaces between fibers and accumulating day time heat and providing up to 4°F/2°C frost protection.  Contributes to earlier maturity and higher yields. The fabric also protects against most airborne insects. Larger sizes available - please call our customer service department 1-800-263-7233.

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