Flamenco (Tritoma)

Latin Name: K. uvaria

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Suitable for Small Pots


(32 in/81 cm) Blend of cream, orange, yellow and red. Pkt. contains 25 seeds.
(32 in/81 cm) Blend of cream, orange, yellow and red. Sow Jan 15th for July blooms. AAS Winner. Pkt. contains 25 seeds.

TRITOMA (Torch Lily)

Perennial Approx. 9,000 seeds per oz/28 g.

GREENHOUSE: Plants take two to three years to reach flowering size. However when they do, the Torch Lily is one of the most striking perennials available. For perennial sales sow seed from March-Apr. @ 80°F/27°C soil temp.; 1/8 in/3 mm deep cover seed with fine soil. Seed should germinate in about 12 days. Transplant into 2.25 in/6 cm peat pots for May sales or outdoor transplanting.

DIRECT SOWING: Sow outdoors June 1st. after the soil is warm. Thin seedlings 18 in/46 cm apart. Choose a sandy well drained area in full sun, with some protection from the wind. Soggy wet soil is fatal. Groups of 5 or 6 plants make striking contrasts with groups of shrubs, etc. during Aug. and Sept. Stout plants have long grassy leaves. Florets are massed in a cone shape on the top 12 in/30 cm of the plant. Make divisions every 3 years.


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