Festival Select Growers Mix (Gerbera)

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(6 in/15 cm) F1 hybrid. Compact uniform plants with tight flowering window. Mix of white, yellow, orange, pink and purple colors. Pkt contains 10 seeds.
(6 in/15 cm) F1 hybrid. Compact uniform plants with tight flowering window. Mix of white, yellow, orange, pink and purple colors. Flowers 8 weeks earlier than other hybrids. Pkt contains 10 seeds.
GERBERA (Transvaal Daisy)GREENHOUSE: Although the bulk of the Gerbera crop sold in the north, is produced outdoors from field crops in Florida or California, some growers are able to produce choice specimens, of superior quality under glass. Sow seeds in Jan. - Feb. Push the tiny "stick-like" seeds into the soil perpendicular to the surface, leaving about 1/5th of the seed sticking out above the soil. Do not cover! Germinate at 75°F/24°C for 8 - 10 days. Soil temp. is critical, seed will not germinate properly at 60°F/l 6°C Transplant seedlings into 2 1/4 in/6 cm peat pots about 6 weeks after seeding. Grow seedlings and transplants at 70°F/21°C. Transplant a second time about June 15th into 4 in/l 0 cm pots, or into cut flower beds with at least 6 in/l5 cm of well drained soil with plenty of humus. Space plants 12 x 12 in/31 x 31 cm Make sure you keep the delicate crown of the plant well above the soil level, when transplanting. Use Dexon to control root rot. Soil should be pH 6 - 6.5 Grow at 60°F/l6°C days, with lots of ventilation, and 50°F/l0°C nights. Control mildew with sulphur. Reduce greenhouse temps to 55°F/13°C during dark mid-winter months. Cut flowers ship well and are long lasting, but must be cut at the proper time - when the first outer of the staminate flower bears pollen. If cut before this time, they will wilt! Do not place blooms in cold storage. NOTE: Don't let the above instructions for greenhouse culture scare you - Gerbera is more at home as an outdoor crop. Start the seed, as above, Mar. 1st directly into peat pots at 3 seeds per pot. Set outdoors June 10th in 3 in/15 cm pots. Keep the plants in a shady area throughout the summer. Keep well watered. Move indoors before heavy frosts, in 6 in/15 cm pots, plants flower in Feb. Flowers are more abundant the second year. Plants can also be planted into the garden. Be careful not to plant the crowns too deep since the plants are susceptible to crown rot and can die.  Established plants do well in full sun as long as you keep them well watered.
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