English Telegraph (Cucumber/slicing)

Latin Name: Cucumis sativus

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63 days. Fruits average 15 - 18 in/38 - 46 cm in length, are slim, straight and symmetrical. This is NOT a hybrid. Pkt contains 100 seeds.

Selection from Rollinson's Telegraph, imported from Europe. Fruits average 15 - 18 in./38 - 46 cm in length, are slim, straight and symmetrical. Fruit are non bitter, dark green in color. This is NOT a hybrid. Pkt contains 100 seeds.


Field Crop. Sow @ 2 lbs/.9 kg per acre, 1 oz./28 gr. per 100 hills @ 8 seeds per hill.

CULTURE: For extra early crops sow indoors May 1st, 0.5 in/13 mm deep in 2.25-3 in/58-78 mm peat pots @ 5 seeds per pot. Cover seed and firm. Maintain a minimum soil temperature of 65-70°F/19-21°C degrees for proper germination. Seed will not germinate in cold ground! Transplant outdoors in rich sandy loam, after June 10th as plants will not grow vigorously in cool soil unless some sort of protection is used. Sow 0.5 in/13 mm deep in hills of 6 seeds per hill, firm soil. Space 2 ft/61 cm apart in rows 4-5 ft/122-152 cm apart. Thin each hill to 4 seedlings when they are about 1 in/26 mm high. In the home garden where space is limited, train vines over a piece of snow fence or a vertical trellis. Pinch the top growth off and train the vine sideways. Field grown crops require about 5 sq ft/0.47 sq m per plant. Pick fruit frequently to keep plants producing. Protect plants from striped beetles and spray leaves with mild fungicide every 10 days.

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