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Purple Vienna (Kohlrabi/O/P)

Latin Name: Brassica oleracea var. gongylodes

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1M = 1,000 Seeds


55 Days



Open Pollinated


55 days. Purple skinned, flat globed root that has sweet white flesh. Slow to bolt. Pkt contains 200 seeds.

55 days. Purple skinned, flat globed root that has sweet white flesh. Slow to bolt. Pkt contains 200 seeds.

KOHLRABI for freezing or fresh market

2 lbs/1 kg per acre; oz/28 g about 8,000 seeds

GREENHOUSE - Early crops may be sown in the greenhouse at about the same time as early cauliflower - between Feb.1st and Mar.15th 1/4 lb. /113 g of seed should produce about 12,000 plants, enough for an acre of transplants. Sow 1/4 in/6 mm deep, maintain a high soil temp. of 70 - 75°F/23°C for 4 or 5 days. Grow seedlings cooler 55 - 65°F/16°C to prevent leggy growth. Transplant into 3 in/7.6 cm peat pots in 5 or 6 weeks. Set plants outside at the same time as early cauliflower, about Apr. 15th. Keep plants growing steadily, just like cauliflower - or roots will become tough with a woody texture. Space plants 12 in/31 cm apart in rows 18 in/46 cm apart.

OUTDOOR SEEDING: Sow seed outdoors any time from April to July, in several successive sowings 2 weeks apart for tender young roots, over a long harvest period. Kohlrabi likes well fertilized soil to maintain steady growth. Add generous amounts of well rotted manure or commercial fertilizer to your soil before seeding. Maintain a pH of about 5.0 throughout the summer with additional side dressings. Sow @ 2 seeds per in/25 mm, .5 in/13 mm deep, cover seed and firm, Thin seedlings when 1.5 in/4 cm high to 4 in/10 cm apart. Thin once again to l8 in/46 cm apart. Space rows 18 in/46 cm apart.

INSECTS: Control flea beetles and other insects with Rotenone, Mathathion or organic methods.

HARVEST - Late crops should be harvested before fall temps reach 35°F/2°C. Kohlrabi must be harvested young when roots are no larger than a baseball about 2 - 3 in/ 5 - 8 cm in diameter. Cut root - stem 1 in/25 mm below bulb. Bunch plants for easy handling. Wash and trim off excess leaf stems from bulb. Cut into .5 in/13 mm cubes and cook like cauliflower.

STORAGE: Bulb - like roots may be forced @ 32°F/0°C temp. and 90 - 95% relative humidity for 1 - 2 months.

FREEZE: Choose small 2 in/5 cm bulbs. Cut off tops, wash, peel and dice. Blanch for 1 .5 min. Cool, drain, pack and freeze.


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