Double Mix (Acroclinium)

Latin Name: Helipterum roseum

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Suitable for Drying:


(14 in/36 cm) Blend of rose, pink and white daisy blooms, yellow center.  Pkt. contains 60 seeds.
(14 in/36 cm) Blend of rose, pink and white. Round, flat daisy bloom, yellow center. Annual everlasting, dried flower or fresh cuts. Pkt contains 60 seeds.


Annual (14-24 in/36-61 cm) Approx. 8,500 seeds per oz/28 gr

Acroclinium can be used as a commercial fresh cut flower or as a dried flower or Everlasting, in the fall. It is usually grown in rows. The rounded double or semi double flat daisy shaped blooms have distinctly contrasting yellow centers, quite similar in appearance and texture to strawflowers.

GREENHOUSE: For early cut flower material sow indoors about Mar. 15th at 65°F/ 8°C soil temp. Press the seed into the soil surface, do not cover as seed needs light to germinate. Sow seed directly into peat pots as single bare rooted plants do not transplant very easily. Seed should germinate in about 15 days. Transplant pots outside in mid June. Side dress lightly with a good fertilizer every month during the cutting period to maintain flower size. Keep young plants sprayed with Malathion or a good systemic like Pirimor for Tarnish Plant Bug or Aphids. Just like Helichrysum, this species likes cooler days and short day length - this has a lot to do with flower size. Therefore Acroclinium grown in northern California will be larger flowered than the same plant grown in New York State or Ontario, during longer days and hot summers.

OUTDOOR SEEDING: This species prefers direct seeding, because it does not transplant very well. Sow outdoors in full sun in rows during April or May, when temps. average 61°F/16°C. Thin seedlings to 10 in/25 cm between plants. Plants yield one good stem per plant, 20-30 sterns per square meter or 2 or 3 per sq ft.

HARVEST: Plants flower from June to August from May sowings. Harvest cut flowers just before they start to open. Use fully flowered stems as dried flowers.


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