Dill Bouquet

Latin Name: A. graveolens

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65 days. Annual. Standard strain developed from mammoth. Used for bedding plant trade and roadside stands. Pkt. contains 200 seeds.
65 days. Annual. Standard stain developed from Mammoth. Used for bedding plant trade and roadside stands. 12,000 seeds per oz./28g. Pkt. contains 200 seeds.

DILL - popular herb used in Pickling

CULTURE: Sow in rows 2-5 ft apart @ 2 seeds per in/25 mm, about May 15th 0.25 in/6 mm deep, cover with fine soil and firm. Seeds germinate slowly but rather well at soil temps between 60-70°F/16-21°C. Choose a nice sunny piece of land that is fairly well drained. Soil type is not critical, dill is almost weed-like in its ability to adapt to soil and climate conditions. Thin seedlings 4-6 in/10-15 cm apart in the row when they are 2-3 in/5-8 cm high. Seedlings do not transplant easily, so do not try to sow them in flats. For a consistent supply of dill throughout the season (it matures in about 70 days) sow seeds several times - about 2 or 3 weeks apart from May until June 30th.

HARVEST: Mature plants average 3-4 ft/91-122 cm in height and resemble wild carrot, with feathery leaves and wide flat clusters of flowers. Stalks are dark blue green and have a very strong pungent flavor. Cut in bunches @ about 2 ft/61 cm from the soil. Use the top half of the plant particularly the seeds and the fresh or dried flower heads and leaves in making dill pickles.


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