Command (Celery/pelleted/O/P)

Latin Name: A. graveolens var. dulce

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100 days. O/P. Fresh market celery with dark green foliage and reduced suckering. Good tolerance to bolting and fusarium yellows. Minimum order is 10,000 pellets.
100 days. O/P. Fresh market celery with dark green foliage and reduced suckering. Bunches are compact and blocky with good petiole length. Good tolerance to bolting and fusarium yellows. pvp Pelleted seed.  Minimum order is 10,000 pellets.

CELERY for fresh market or storage

GREENHOUSE: For EARLY crops, sow indoors from Feb, 15th. to Mar. 1st., 1/16 in./2 mm deep at 6 - 8 seeds per in./25 mm at alternating soil temps of 65 - 75°F/18 - 24°C for 10 - 20 days. Seeds should be slightly covered and kept moist. If the soil dries out, it will delay germination. After seedlings appear, keep greenhouse night temps at 65°F/18°C and never below 55°F/13°C to discourage "Seeders". When seedlings are about 3 in./8cm. high 10 - 12 weeks after seeding, transplant into the field when the danger of prolonged cool periods or actual freezing is over. If plants become too tall and spindly before moving them to the field, clip them back to 5 or 6 in./13 or l5 cm in height. Untrimmed plants are, of course, preferable because they receive less check in growth. Harden plants slightly before transplanting by withholding water about 7 days before setting plants outdoors. Never try to harden celery plants by lowering the temp below 5°F/13°C or you will cause severe bolting to seed in the field. LATE crops may be started indoors, if field irrigation is available. Sow 6-8in./15-20cm apart at 25 seeds per ft./31cm in a seed bed, or direct seeded at 1 lb./454 g per acre; thin to 6 in./15 cm apart.

TRANSPLANT in rows 30-36 in./76-91 cm apart. Keep well watered and spray with a good fungicide once a week.

STORAGE: Do not try to store celery damaged by frost, disease or rough handling. Maintain a relative humidity of 95 - 98% at 32°F/0°C Store in a room free of odors from other crops because the plant absorbs foreign flavor. (No onion storages please). Remove field heat from mid summer crops by hydro cooling or vacuum cooling, before placing in large storages.

HOME GARDENERS: Sow seed into 2 1/4 in./6 cm. peat pots Feb. 25th. - Mar. 15th.; 10 - 12 weeks before transplanting outside. Sow thinly at 8 seedlings per in./25 mm. or 4 seeds per pot and maintain a soil temp. of 70°F/21°C for 10 - 21 days. Do not transplant outside before June 1st. - cold nights will cause bolting. Celery is a heavy feeder and drinker. Fertilize every 2 or 3 weeks, keep well watered. Sow late crops outdoors in flats by Apr.15th. Seed germinates in 3 weeks.

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