Latin Name: Matricaria chamomilla

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(12 in/31 cm) Annual. Apple scented German strain. A spreading plant that likes sun. Pkt. contains 600 seeds.
(12 in/31 cm) 80 days. Annual. Apple scented Germain strain. A spreading plant that likes sun. Combat stress with a relaxing tea.   270,000 seeds per oz./28g. Pkt. contains 600 seeds.

CHAMOMILE (Matricaria Chamomilla)

Annual (12-18 in/30-46 cm) Approx. 270,000 seeds per oz/28 g

This is the German strain that has fairly fine-cut foliage and produces flowers which are single daisy-like, with a yellow center and white petals. The plant has an upright habit and has a faint freshly-cut apple scent. Its blossoms are used to make chamomile tea which can sooth the nervous system and promote better sleep. Plants like plenty of sun and seems to resemble the pyrethrum family with it's spiky-leafless foliage. The German strain should not be confused with the perennial, dwarf English ground cover, anthemis nobilis - which has stronger scent, finer leaves and a double daisy flower. 

CULTURE: Seeds need daylight to germinate which averages 40-60%. Sow indoors Mar. 1st-15th. Germinate the annual strain at 55-65°F/13-18°C (cooler at nights) for 15-20 days. Press seed into the surface of the soil, do not cover with soil. Always grow seedlings and plants cool at 65°F/18°C. Transplant into peat pots 3-4 weeks after sprouting. Set outdoors about 5 days after your last spring frost in a sunny area. Direct sowings may also be made in late August in areas that do not experience sub-zero winters or in late May in cooler climates. Flowers should be harvested in a damp period (early in the morning) to retain their color if cut for dried purposes. Do not cut the foliage before the plant flowers or it will not produce flowers. Chamomile is quite sensitive as a transplant and does not like to be moved after the seedling stage. Peat pots are a must if outdoor transplants are needed. Although the flower repels larger insects it will attract aphids, which should be rinsed off sun-dried blooms. Customers who are allergic to ragweed or goldenrod should avoid drinking Chamomile teas.


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