Cascades Sapphire (Lobelia)

Latin Name: Lobelia erinus pendula

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Hanging Basket Type


(8 in/20 cm) Blue with white eye. Suited for hanging baskets.
(8 in/20 cm) Blue with white eye. Developed in England. Light green leaves. Pkt contains 500 seeds.

LOBELIA Annual Trailing

GREENHOUSE: Lobelia is rather slow to flower. Sow Jan. 25th to Mar. 15th for May pak sales, @ 80°F/27°C soil temp. for 20 days. Seeds are very fine, just try and get them as thin as possible - 1/16 oz/2 g sows 8 (12 in x 12 in/31 cm x 31 cm) flats @ 1,000 seedlings per flat. Do not cover seed, press them lightly into the soil surface. Seeds germinate in about 5 - 10 days. Grow @ 45 - 50°F/7 - 10°C. Transplant in small clumps of 4 - 5 seedlings per group, about 3 or 4 weeks from seeding. If seedlings get a bit tall before transplanting - due to a thick stand, trim them back. They do not like soil high in acidity (too much peat moss). Shade blooms, just before May sales - for richer colors.

NOTE: For July blooms seed must be sown no later than Mar. 25th, indoors. Direct sowing is not recommended. Transplant outside in June, 8 in/20 cm apart - in partial shade. Lobelia requires lots of water during dry periods. Use trailing type in hanging baskets, and brighter dwarf varieties to brighten dark corners.

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